Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My newest yoga

You hear quite often people saying that knitting is the new yoga.
For sure knitting effects on my mind are very similar to the one yoga ones: knitting has the power to settle my unrest brain and calm my nervous self.

Yet every time I hear it, I find it more and more irksome. I believe (or delude myself into believing) it’s something told with a lot of sarcasm and a bit of spite. As if it were something that became fashionable out of the blue, yet another whim for hipster to engage in between uploading an instagram post and sipping a soy latte.

On the other hand, from what I’ve seen online recently, it doesn’t really look that knitting has any of that calming, empowering powers yoga can give you. People seem to the brink of nervous breakdown, on the lookout for a reason, a word, anything to start a discussion or pick up a fight, so that I worry that, from the new yoga, it could morph into the new kendo.
I wonder whether I’m writing this partially out of envy: I wonder whether I wish I had the energy and time to be just the same, to engage in the social networks as well as other do. But then again, I’m too lazy to really develop my feeling of envy.

One more reason why, in the spare little free time I’m left with at night, I concentrate on something else: right now I’m on my newest of the new yoga. Entrelac.

It started back in Amsterdam, where I got two skeins of Malabrigo at Penelope craft. You might call it a whim of the moment: I just bought it without any plan, without any pattern in my Ravelry queue to match them to. But my heart has its reason of which my Ravelry queue knows nothing.
I loved the feeling at touch of it (but it’s Malabrigo, so it’s expected) and the color way and how it evolved along the skein.


Saturday morning after a lazy breakfasts and some extra medicine to fight the Dutch flu, I unpacked my suitcase looked at the Malabrigo, quickly browsed through Ravelry and casted on: the choice fell on an Entrelac scarf.
I started with one block, then moved to another one and then another block. Little by little the scarf pattern took shape before my eyes but, before that, I was surprised at how relaxing I felt while knitting the scarf.

The combination of the yarn I chose, the pattern I picked and the technique I’m using: everything fits together like a puzzle. Every stitch I work on the scarf I feel calmer, happier and somewhat detached from my surroundings.

It’s a very physical sensation: I almost missed my metro stop this morning because I was too immersed in the scarf.
But it’s also something influencing my brain cells: it’s not currently helping me to put order into my thoughts, but it’s taking some pressure off my shoulders anyway.
After some knitting, I start relaxing, calming down and thinking that yes, my mind is messy right now and yes, I need to do some house-cleaning inside, but it’s okay if I don’t do it tonight.
I can accept it and live with it: maybe not always, maybe tomorrow I will change my mind about it, but tonight I’m knitting and, as long as entrelac is my newest yoga, I don’t really give a damn.


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