Friday, 7 March 2014


The Pope is extremely popular nowadays, and not only in Italy.
I do understand that after the previous Pope, the current one looks a lot as a breath of fresh air.
He's bringing many changes, but I can't help suspecting he also works as the perfect smoke and mirrors for those that wish to hide what's wrong within the current catholic power forces.

To me he looks like a nice man, kind enough and sincere, but in my mind I keep him and his Church separated. What puzzles me more and more, it's the increasing amount of merchandising sprouting out from any possible corner.
It's not that different from the use and abuse of Peppa Pig, Pucca and... come to think about it, his name starts with the letter "P" as well, Pope Francis

Some months ago I had spotted a children magazine and calendar around town.
Then some days ago, I started seeing the advertisement for a new fanzine dedicated to the Pope: it also made the news outside Italy.
Yeah, I think that's what the world needs now: "Il mio Papa", my Pope, a glossy magazine all about the Pope.

If you think that's enough, if you think it can't get any more commercial exploitation of him, think again: you're wrong.

I spotted this in a jewelry this morning:

These are the Amen bracelets: they're made by a company that already produces bracelets with prayers on it.
I'm not sure if it's the look on his eyes, the curve of the lips, the way the hands seems to gesture at you ("you're really buying it?"), but the notions that you can have the eyes of the Pope glazing at you in any moment, no matter where you go, thanks to this pious company sounds quite blasphemous, even to an atheist like me.

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