Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Just silly (markers)

Yesterday evening I took some time to go through the "do-not-open-it" box. It's a side/storage table I got in Ikea (where else?) some time ago. I call it "do-not-open-it" because that's the wisest thing I should do with it.
What happens is that every time I try to put some order into my flat, clearly a projection of the order I wish I could bring into my life, I get to a point where I can't deal with the chaos around me. So I do the only thing I can do in such a moment: I hide stuff.
As I got no carpet I can swept them under, and no closet big enough for the skeletons, the only place left is the "do-not-open-it" box. I quickly put things inside, promising myself I shall reorder it the following weekend.
The following weekend is always one week ahead of me and right now, I think I look inside the box once every 3-4 months, just like I did yesterday.

I didn't finish reordering everything, but I'm halfway through.
I got sidetracked, as usual.
While sorting letters, balls of yarn, bottle of ink, cd-rom, etc. I stumbled on a small box with beads and charms. Inside there were some charms I bought back in Melbourne: the plan was to make some stitch markers to give to my friends as presents for Christmas.

[Girls, you know whom I'm talking about: if you wish to keep the surprise unspoiled till this weekend, stop reading this post. Now! ]

Needless to say, Christmas passed without any stitch marker given to my friends.
Yesterday evening I thought: "Well, I'm going back in 2 days, meeting with the girls on Saturday, I might as well make them now and give them a really belated Xmas present".

[Girls, seriously. Stop! Oh well, go ahead, you've been warned.]

I started working on the stitch markers; it's not exactly my favorite hobby, because I feel extremely clumsy with such small things like charms, beads, rings, etc. but I tried my best and I must say I was quite happy about the end result:

koala and cats

That's not just a photo of some markers, it's also a proof of how easily I got distracted and didn't finish sorting the mess. As I started making stitch markers anyway, I could also do the other markers I had planned some time ago. That's what I thought, and I congratulated myself: what a brilliant idea!

You see a lot of markers nowadays on internet, either tutorial to make them or set sold on etsy and similar websites. I went about to make some markers that are a bit of a classic:


While making them, I realized that the small parcel with the letter beads must have broken somehow, somewhere. I checked inside "do-not-open-it" and, yeah, I could spot some of the beads on the bottom of the box. I couldn't be bothered however to collect them all as it was getting late, so I decided to try and make the most with only the letters I had. Obviously my friends were not going to get the same markers as there were not enough "i" and no "k" left.

Good thing I like puzzle and anagrams! While deciding what to write, and thought it'd be nice to make at least one stitch marker for myself.
Once done I looked at it and thought: "Damn, maybe I'm too much of a geek, I should do something about it".


It was also the beginning of the end, because all pretenses of "seriousness" just flew out of the window; I could have put a "P2TOG" or "INC" or "DEC" together, but no, it didn't happen. All the good intention of making knitting related stitch markers were abandoned in favor of this set:

stitch markers

Now I only got to decide who gets what, and remember not to leave the markers home.
Next week I'll finish sorting the box and get the remaining letters from its bottom. Or maybe I'll do it the week after the next one, who knows?


  1. uh...I suppose to be one of the girls...and I couldn't stop reading. Curiosity killed the cat....but I will pretend it is a surpise, I'm a good actress :-)

  2. eh eh, you can get a cat marker to replaced the curiosity-killed one ;-)