Monday, 7 April 2014

And the award for...

... the dumbest of the dumbest sign goes to this instruction list: 

I spotted it last week in the ladies room of a restaurant in Sunnyvale. 
It provides a straightforward checklist that we, the gentle yet clueless sex, can follow in situations when we can't bring a fellow clueless bimbo that can hold us the door when we go to the loo.

I did as instructed, also taking a pause at the moment of pulling the door toward me, pause slightly pause, and then turned the latch to the right.

I can't even start to tell how relieved I felt when I saw the instructions. I am the only woman in my team, how was I supposed to use the loo otherwise? Was I condemned to keep the door open?!?

All's well what ends well, but a small point: there's no instruction on how to unlock the door. I checked everywhere and nothing, not a single note on how to unlock the door and regain my freedom.
Somebody get me out of here...

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