Sunday, 27 April 2014

Here and there

I got eye bags the size of a oversize luggage. And a quite heavy cold about to turn into flu.
I'm back home, but I still feel slightly unplaced, as if I were still up in the air, sitting 10000 ft above ground.
In the past 3weeks I flew 3 times across several time zones, towards east and west. I sat on planes, trains and taxi. I munched km over km, climbed thousands of steps.

Now that I'm back and won't have to travel for a while, I'm left with dozens of photos to sort out, lots of clothes to wash, hang out to dry and eventually, someday (as if!), to iron.
I got lots of memories, but right now I can't sort them out properly, because they're all too messy in my head right now.

They're just like the small pieces of a puzzle: when I reassemble a puzzle, I normally start from the edges and work my way into its core. Right now my brain is in more or less the same state of the puzzle I've bought in Shanghai.

Puzzles taught me sometimes you need to jump straight into it, some other times you need to walk away and come back for the pieces to make sense. So for now, I'm just going to keep feeling slightly disoriented and sort out some hopefully coherent writings about this trip.

Till then, I need to work out on my sleeping hours gap.
Enjoy the sound of the rain falling over Milan right now. And plan my next holiday, something I desperately need in order to recover from the past 2 weeks.

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