Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunshine on Leith

Before the plane had even left the ground, I was already fast asleep. I woke up some time later, a bit groggy, wondering people around me were allowed to have their seat so down when the plane hadn't even... oh, yeah, I see.

I was really tired on my last Friday in the States, but something I've noticed recently is that I don't really need that much of comfort to fall asleep. I just need to take a seat, rest my head on one side of the armchair and I'm already dozing away.

Long haul flights were for me the standard way to catch up on movies: 9 hours on a plane means at least 3-4 movies, a nap and a meal.
Nowadays it's quite an achievement if I manage to watch a single movie on the plane.

So, given I watch just one movie, it better be good. The one I watched on the way back to Italy was definitely worth it.

It's a British movie, "Sunshine on Leith", directed by Dexter Fletcher: it's an adaptation of a stage musical, set in Edinburgh, based on songs by The Proclaimers.
It's a small, sweet and enchanting movie. The cast is great, the city amazing and it made me re-listen to the Proclaimers: not just the usual 500 miles, but also some other songs that got basically no radio time in Italy.

It's a juke-box musical, alright, but it's well crafted, the songs fit in perfectly and I am pretty sure more than one person walking down the aisle on the plane wondered about that passenger watching a movie with a goofy smile, while moving her head to the rhythm of some obviously catchy song.

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