Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The junk post

By the third day of meetings, most of my colleagues were already used to my antics.
Every time they were about to eat something, I'd ask whether I could take a picture of whatever that something was.
By the 5th day, they stopped asking me if I was going to eat that "something", because they knew I was going to return or put it away after taking a picture.

No, I've not been bitten by the foodie instagram mania, even though being in San Francisco is a good enough excuse to be do so. This time around I was quite lucky on this side, as I had Migs to guide me all around. From Vietnamese pho to burritos, from East German food to the best coffee spot in town, I just needed to ask him and he'd come up with the right place.
In those occasions, I was not really taking good picture of the food: I was too busy eating and enjoying the food, rather than photographing it.

What captured my attention was the wholesome level of junk in the different snakes and food around me. And their way-over-the-top and pretty standard for an America sizes.

So here's my "I can't believe they sell it and/or I'm eating it" 2014 spring collection.
First in the list, a must have for its vibrant color boldly displayed all around, emphasizing its sugary yet crumply attitude towards modern life; let me introduce you all to the artificially flavored "sugar wafers":

A special place in the collection is claimed by this pack of candies: welcome to the fat free world of the Swedish Fish!

Bear in mind, if you got diabetes a package of Swedish Fish could kill you.
Bear in mind, if you got no diabetes, you can find it in the package of Swedish Fish.

As for the Organic polenta, package like this next to the brownie mix, I just took a picture but decided to live in blissful ignorance and skip reading the label

On the portions side, this is my last week brunch: 

I ordered a 2 eggs omelette without reading the small prints. I didn't see them, but there must be a point, somewhere in the menu, that stated they were ostrich eggs. 

Akira tried to topped me with this caprese salad fit into a whole ciabatta, with a heavy buttering of pesto; the drink in the background is something called Italian soda: as usual, it was my duty and honor to bulldozer down all the notion my American colleagues had about Italy and its food. They asked me more than once whether Italian soda wasn't truly Italian as I said. I'm not sure some of them eventually got over the notion we don't drink the Sopranos Old Fashioned Italian sodas:

Obviously the Cheesecake Factory beats everybody else hands down when it comes to sizes: I didn't try it out, I shared one slice of a smaller pie with 2 other people and we didn't even manage to finish it, but I appreciate however that the restaurant decided to use the side effect of this cake as its name:

Black-out cake

In case you're wondering about it, I save you some time and will point you directly to the google search result for "bacon brittle recipe":

And if you feel like having a mint after all this food, rest assured that even in that, the States have to stand out: even the Polo hole has to be filled.

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