Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MOOC, 1 year later

(Not so) Fast forward an year and I'm again brain deep into MOOC, or better mooooooc!, in honor of the cow in a can toy.

In the past 12 months, my interest for MOOC have been going up and down: I took some other classes, but rarely submitted homework and even more rarely took the final exam. Ok, to be honest, I took a final quiz for a class tonight, and it was the first time in a whole year, but let's not waste precious bits over such irrelevant petty details.
Last year, my favorite class had been The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color by professor Scott Higgins. After that, I took some other class, but didn't finished them. Either because I'm still catching up on the video lectures (the philosophy of mathematics is proving to be a very tough subject) or because I simply forgot about them.
And that's still ok, because I'm not doing it for any specific, practical scope and I'm not paying any university fee. 
This week was the final one for my second class on cinema, still by a professor of Wesleyan University and I think I will try to take the quiz for "Marriage and Movies" with professor Jeaning Basinger.
I loved it so much that I have been basicall binge-watching movies (and if there's something I'm good at, it's precisely that: bingeing, and it feels good for once to do it on movies), watched the last lecture and went straight to the final quiz. I guess I just fulfilled my yearly quota of examinations.
As usual, my presence on the forums is close to zero and my choice of classes can still be interpreted as a sign of a multiple personality disorder: there's no other possible way to link studies on Emotive intelligence to the art and archeology of Ancient Nubia, after all. 

Something has changed however in the past few months, not only because now some of the mooc institution offer some payment options that will give some sort of "value" to your certification. The number of courses available out there has increased exponentially and now they're not only in English, but in many other languages. Even Italian!

Something has changed however, because for the first time I'm starting a course that actually has some sort of connection with my professional life: it's called "Technology and Ethics". It's about the impact technologies have on our ethics and our culture. I'm still not sure if it'll have a direct impact on my day-to-day tasks, but it promises a lot of time spent thinking, as if that doesn't occupy such a big part of my everyday life already.

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