Thursday, 19 June 2014


With one breath, with one flow
You will know

Manu's birthday was on June, the seventh.
Mine is going to be on July, the sixth.

June, 7th.
July, 6th.


I was at my desk, looking at the calendar and Eureka! We've got palindrome birthdays.
Actually, let me rephrase it: We've got palindrome birthdays!!! F**k yeah!
The notion of yet one more palindrome event in my life is enough to make me lightheaded, ridiculously chirpy and squeaking like a geek girl that has just discovered the most amazing easter egg in a software or that a game by the guy that, amongst many other amazing things, scripted Monkey Island has been finally released for iPad... not that I would ever ever squeak like a geek fangirl for something like this, hell no! I'd recharge my visa electron and buy it on the spot, but I'm sidetracking right now.

Part of me is constantly waiting for this kind of coincidence to happen, because I know that somehow they're not really coincidences: average, everyday life has plenty of occasions to find palindrome events.
For example, my mailbox at work is stuck 2002 unread mails at the moment (I'm still working on the past holiday backlog) and, while I despair about all these informations doomed to be lost and forgotten in a sea of bites, I look at the mail icon, at that 2002 and think "how cool is that!?!"

The most common event however is the time: it seems I always check for the time in a palindrome moment: 20:02, 11:11, 15:51... I stare at the display and I just have to grin. I bet you do the same (or so I hope, I can't be possibly the only person that models part of her life on the likelihood of palindrome time)

I remember checking at Tuttocittà, the Torino A-Z, when I was a kid; I recall being puzzled and slightly worried because of the lack of 10101 as post code: how was I going to get a flat growing up, if I couldn't buy it in an area with a palindrome post code at least?!? That's the kind of drama of my childhood, and it's still so, given I have never ever lived in a place with a palindrome post code and I believe I'd be much better off if I had.

I obviously had to share the knowledge with Manu and pretty much everybody that was within ear shot. I have to admit I am growing wiser, so I fought the feeling of picking the phone to call my mum to tell her about it: I guess it was the time, 14:41, that sidetracked me.

A star fall, a phone call
It joins all
(The Police a-là-ziaVirgi)


  1. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Virgi
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Best wishes RyszardK. from sunny England

  2. Ryszard! You can't imagine how happy reading this comment made me!

  3. Glad I could lighten your day..Noticed your post about Murakami -- I'm currently reading IQ84 bk 3 and really enjoyed The wind-up bird chronicles.