Friday, 18 July 2014

2 days of love, peace and knitting

Since the holiday in China, I discovered I quite like matcha latte.
No, let me rephrase that. I love matcha latte.

So, with 30 minutes to spare at Heathrow T5 before the arrival of my bus, matcha latte sounded like the perfect plan. 
I got one from the Costa at the exit and slowly made my way to the bench at the bus stop.
People coming and going, lots of buses, as for me, I was sitting with my matcha latte and a book, when my eyes spotted something. 
A scarf, A really nice scarf, knitted with some lovely yarn.

I was waiting for the bus for Brighton. I was going to Unwind Brighton, an all-round event about knitting, spinning and yarn, and here there are 2 girls, one with knitwear around her neck.

I stood from the bench and. before even contemplating the possibility of sounding like a psycho, I walked over:
"Excuse me, you're going to Brighton, aren't you?"

They might have thought I was a psycho, but it took less than a minute to prove them wrong. However how many chances were there to meet heading to the same town, for the same event?
Not many I reckon.
And how many chances to meet Cathrin, the owner of WalkCollection, a German company specialized in hand dyed yarns that was on top of my shopping list?
Even less, but that was just the first sign of that magic that run along the whole time back in the UK.

So, I spent a long weekend in in Brighton for a knitting event. As my colleague DC commented, "how very rock'n'roll!". I can imagine him saying in his heavy Northern English accent and just a tiny-little-bit of sarcasm.
And I can't help replying "indeed!".

The past weekend in Brighton has been pretty great for a series of reasons. First of all weather has been quite un-British, so the sun shined for pretty much the whole time. I even managed to return to Italy with a little, faint tan.
I love Brighton: it's a nice town with its own beat. After having been in Australia, it somehow reminds me of Melbourne: the pier, the street art all around, the good coffee (seriously, I had good coffee in Brighton and given how picky I can be with the heavenly beans it says a lot!).
Ok, there were a lot of kids there to "learn" English and the city is infested with seagulls, but overall the place is relaxed and welcoming

I also met with a couple of friends that made the wandering around town more fun and memorable. Francesco and May are two wonderful friends I met while in UK and in The Netherlands, so it was great to see them again.

Unwind was funny and it was a combination of very nice things, such as the meeting with Cathrin at the airport, or sitting next to Daniela, another Italian knitter from Milan (that's apparently the quickest way to meet people from Milan: change timezone!), during the Åsa Tricosa workshop.

The marketplace was just amazing, with so many producers that it's a miracle my credit card survived with not too much damage (and in a shameless ad plug: use google translate and you can read the post I wrote in Italian for the blog of a friend of mine about Unwind).
I came back with many memories, my favorite tea and some yarn. And with the idea full of ideas, project I want to start and things I want to learn: that's the best part Unwind, this massive injection of creativity in my brain that not even my own clumsy self and a arm blocked in a cast won't stop.
But that's another story...

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