Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My daily dose of WTF moments

Twitter needs to cut the advertised tweets as long as the people paying for them don't prove they got a brain aside a wallet. And they can use both in equal measure.

This one tweet appeared on my feed this morning:

It translates: "This is not war, it's human extinction! Watch the video..."
Then you read the hashtag and realize they're talking about a fu****g movie.
How would you react to that? Aside a face palm and instinctively shutting down the tab on the browser while swearing profusely.

But at the end, you re-open the page, capture a screenshot of the tweet before removing it from the feed, and then you're left wondering: where on earth are the "Buddha Gaming" people (ah, the namesake!) living?
Have they got access to tv news, newspaper, internet, radio, whatever it is they can use to inform themselves a little about the state of international politics nowadays?
And why on earth did this "Be On" thought it would be a smart thing to sponsor it? Seriously?
Didn't they see the timestamp and stop for a moment, wondering whether it could have been perceived as not quite a sensible and respectful thing to tweet around right now?

If you have just finished reading the newspaper and then you bump into these two lines, you're left with a depressing feeling of the general state of humanity and some wondering: where did evolution go wrong?
The answer can be partially obtained by simply googling the name of the company and finding out whom it does belong to. And for the rest with a bit of evergreen wisdom: pecunia non olet, as the Latin used to say. Things haven't changed much since the times of Vespasian: truth is that "pecunia olet", but as long as you keep the stink of it in some other world regions and your money in nice (offshore) bank accounts you don't really mind about it.

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