Friday, 1 August 2014

A generation gap

It's early afternoon and my nephew is playing a very educational game on the iPad, where he has to direct a granny to rob other people because her pension is obviously not enough, plus if you rob enough people you can buy a jedi light saber.

Than the following conversation happens:

Davide: "Aunt, what's that?"
Me: "What's that what?"
Davide, pointing to the videogame he's been playing with: "That! It's a food vending machine, isn't it? But why does it look so strange?"
Me, quite puzzled: "I don't see any food vending machine, Davide..."
Davide, sounding more and more annoyed: "That one! That one!"
Me, desperately trying not to laugh (because nothing is more hilarious to me than my nephew throwing an hysterical tantrum, he's a bit of a drama queen): "I don't see any food vending machine, Davide, point it to me please."
Davide: "This. One."
Me, finally not puzzled any longer: "Oh, this is a telephone box, Davide. Not a food vending machine"
Davide: "A what?!?"

Spent the following five minutes explaining to my bewildered and amused nephew what telephone boxes were and how they were used. I'm pretty sure he listed it under "fable & fantasy".


  1. No, sorry, he listed it under "on drug aunt".
    Dave: "are you sure She can stay at home alone?"
    Fantastic Super Mum: "no Dave, you see grandma is going with her to help her keep in touch with real life"

    1. No, sorry, that is "grandma taking an holiday from grandpa"
      she just wrote him a list of to do that basically sums up in: "take food out of freezer, heat it before eating, go to supermarket to buy bananas when you don't see them any longer in the fruit basket"