Tuesday, 26 August 2014

life according to Italo

In Trieste there are some statues dedicated to the different literary figures that shaped its and the world's culture: Saba, Italo Svevo, James Joyce, and each is accompanied by a small plaque with a quote of the writer.I took a picture of the one at the feet of Svevo's statue, because I liked it and found it quicker than pulling out the notebook from the bag:

Life is neither ugly nor beautiful, but it’s original!
(Italo Svevo, "Zeno's Conscience")

Barely one week later, I've found myself looking for my copy of the novel and then deciding it was quicker to buy a new copy.
I took it with me to the laundromat yesterday morning where I spent about one hour washing and drying the content of my last run with the washing machine. On Thursday it went out with a bang that killed the electricity safety system of the apartment and probably roasted its small engine, if the cloud of white smoke and smell of burnt plastic that set into my flat tell anything.

I had some fun time trying to wring all the water out of the towels that I was planning to have washed: right now I like to believe it was all good and original physiotherapy for my wrist.
Yet spending the evening this way doesn't classify as a lifelong aspiration.
I felt so, so, so frustrated, longing for a flat that is my own and where at least I have some control on the quality of the appliances put into it.
This morning when the technician came to fix the damage. So, with this small bit of life fixed I can say that yep, life is neither ugly nor beautiful, but original. And originality doesn't come cheap as my wallet can testify: it feels a good hundred euro lighter.

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