Wednesday, 6 August 2014

requiem for my TWSBI

I'm trying my best at not being a materialistic person and a hoarder, yet I know I can't really follow those minimalistic trends of über-efficiency and order that seem to have spread like the Blob all over the internet, or on Pinterest at least.

I'm basically trying to balance out my obsession for yarns and books and my love for shiny geeky gizmos with the limitations set by my mortgage, bank accounts and living arrangements: at the same time I'm also trying (and failing) to preserve the appearance of order in the flat and in my life.
It works pretty well in general. I suffer some set backs here and there, normally after a yarn festival or a huge sale at a bookstore.

However sometimes tragedy strikes out of the blue. Yesterday morning I was working at my desk, taking some notes when I noticed something weird. Crap, why's my hand smurfs blue?!?
Simple: my beloved TWSBI broke. It didn't exactly break: its barrel cracked and ink started leaking out.
It didn't happen out of the blue (no pun intended). The crack started forming back in the days in London, when I dropped it on the floor in the library. But this little crack didn't move for such a long time and when it did it was over so many weeks and months, I grew used to see that small cut over the barrel. Yesterday I had to put the ink back in the bottle, clean the mess I made on the palm of my hand and consider what to do now.

Here it is, my lovely fountain pen:

It's still so beautiful but, it used to be so much better! And even more important, I could use it before, while now I can only reuse some parts of it.

I don't know what to do. Should I get another one, same model? Or should I just keep going and be one pen short?
Part of me thinks I don't really "need" another fountain pen: with time my fountain pens stash has increased and it's not I'll have to resort at using my blood in order to write.
I know that an extra TWSBI would be just something I fancy having and I could use my money better.

Yet, on the other hand, it's such a beautiful pen! There's something amazing at writing with a fountain paper and this one is was my favorite: it's smooth, fitted my grip perfectly and was a joy to use. 

The only thing preserving my sanity right now is the fact it's August, so most of the shops in Italy are closed, even my favorite pen dealer, so there is no chance I can fall in temptation... I'll just have to wait September for that.


  1. Anche a me piace un sacco scrivere con le stilografiche! Ne ho sempre una in borsa ma la mia è una banale Pelikan (per mancini però!) :))

    1. in borsa anche io ho una Pelikan: non scrive più benissimo, ma me l'aveva regalata mia nonna alle medie quindi ha un elevato valore sentimentale, anche se non è per mancini, ai tempi le distinzioni non le facevano e/o vendevano ancora in Italia! :-)