Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November bonsai

On certain Sundays in November

When the weather bothers me
I empty drawers of other summers
Where my shadows used to be
("Hard Candy", Counting Crows)

Last weeks went by in a whirl of emotions, travel and lots of swearing, with an extra pinch of medicine for the cold for good measure.

I've been quite busy at work and outside of it.
Last week I was in Rome for the meeting of my team: the fact we look like a joke walking into a bar made it funnier. I needed a break from Milan, from the rain and from the massive leak caused by a broken common water pipe that caused rain in my kitchen.
Not a figure of speech: I got back from a weekend in Torino around 2 weeks ago only to find about 1 inch of water on good portions of my kitchen surfaces and floor. I've been reassured that the pipe has been repaired, but no words yet on when I'll get the damage fixed in my flat. It really bugs me to think I'll probably have to start using expression as "my lawyer will be in touch" or "will call the health and safety department" or "I will reduce the rent I pay monthly", but it looks like the only way to guarantee my rights.

Rome was a good way to escape from this mess: it was sunny and warm, I walked a lot around town, spoke more Italian than I normally do on average during a week (with only 2 Italians on a team of around 50 people, we had high chances of working as translator).
I managed to get some time to visit the Vatican Museum and an exhibition about Escher (in the palace! sang a-là-Clash, as I usually do): the exhibition was very complete and had lots of game to explain children the scientific basis of many of the optical illusion Escher used in his work. I obviously did try them all and, being a responsible kid, put everything back in place for the next kids visiting the exhibition.

I knitted a lot too, even though it resulted in only one single item: a massive shawl by Stephen West called Exploration Station. So far not only I casted off a huge amount of stitches, but also washed and blocked the shawl:

Only thing left to do is wearing it and I think I got the best excuse (as if I need it) to wear it: tomorrow I'm going to see Paolo Conte playing at the Milan Conservatory.

It's going to be my second concert in 5 days: on Sunday Adri and Francesco dropped the kids to the babysitters (aka the grandparents) and drove to Milan to see Counting Crows playing.
When they arrived we looked better off if we were admitted into an hospital: cold and cough, otitis and headache. But that didn't stopped us (as if!) and we managed to get a pretty good spot near the front: the concert was really good and we enjoyed it a lot.
They played my favorite songs from the most recent album and some good classics.

On the way back home I said I really wished they played "Hard Candy": with that intro, it felt so right for the moment. Plus it's probably the song that cemented my love for the band.
But I guess it would be like finding that diamond cuff lost 20 years before in the fish you eat in a New York restaurant: too much of a coincidence not to laugh in the dark about it.

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