Thursday, 15 January 2015


I sent a message to my friend Flavia during Christmas break. She was way over busy back then: she and Rob had decided that there was nothing better to do in the middle of Australian summer than becoming parents, moving to a new house and celebrate Christmas in a timespan of barely 4 weeks.
When she told me she was tired, I did believe her, fully.
Yet, she took the time to share some of my puzzled bewilderment and laughters.

Back in Hoofddorp we would scan our company canteen, despair at the food selection, then one of us would go: "mmmh, lekker!"
The other one (and anybody else around) would crack up laughing in return.

Of course she had to something to say when I sent her photographic proof of the new food hype in Italy is: chips. Duch chips.
They are basically everywhere: no more kebabs, or pizza, or focaccia or burgers. It seems we turned into the Van Gogh's potato eaters v. 2.0
So far I've counted 3 different chips shop chains. And each one of those has a big queue in front of each one of them. I just can't believe it!

I used to say to my curious niece that in order to understand food in Holland, you have to take into account that Belgian chips are the national Dutch food and now they're everywhere, masked as "Amsterdam" chips.

My friend Franceschina says is the perfect business: you don't need a lot of space, material is cheap, you get a good income (at least until a new food fashion comes along), still I can't understand it. Chips with some mayo and everybody around me goes... "Mmmmh, lekker!"

Where did we all go wrong?

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