Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday night multitasking

The eye doctor said that snow might have something to do with my stye: dirt gets easier into your eyes by means of snow or rain, he said.
He might be right, I don't know. What I know is that I got a stye the size of Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. Architecturally a great achievement, esthetically however what's the point of it? I scare myself well enough each time I stare into the mirror in the morning, without extra help.

Instead of calling in sick, I decided to work anyway and stare at different displays with different resolution all day long. Why? Because I'm an idiot, that's why.
So tonight I was pretty much knackered to do anything. Not that I had really big plans anyway.

But hey! Six Nations was starting tonight and it was on free tv!
So I set myself to watch the first match of the tournament, but immediately realized there were some problems with it. First of all, the Italian commentary grates on my nerves after about 1 milliseconds.
Second, I just found out that there are several audiobooks on Spotify and I had started listening to "Pride and Prejudice" while having dinner. Third, I felt my world would be very unbalanced unless I started knitting a new pair of socks.
How could I possibly solve the dilemma I was in?
I poured myself an extra glass of tea and wondered how come my tea tasted so much like whisky (it was my 2nd cup you know...) and then applied my best multitasking skills

That's how I found myself muting the tv, watching Wales loosing to England while casting on a new pair of socks that will probably be ready for next winter and listening to the account of the Netherfield ball.
All done in Cyclops mode.


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