Sunday, 8 February 2015

staring at the oil bottle

As I already wrote, last Friday I woke up with a huge stye in my eye. I went to the eye-doctor and then to the pharmacy to get some medicines.
When I told some of my friends, I was surprised by how many (almost all!) of them replied advising me to stare at a bottle of oil.


A bottle of oil. Everybody knows it, apparently. Well, everybody but me. I'm apparently very ignorant of any notion of popular remedy.
But as the stye is still happily squatting my eyes, I thought I could give it a try and immediately faced some issues.

First of all, I bet none of my ancestors stared into a bottle of oil with a plastic cap: you can't really take a good look at the oil from it; plus, this "bottle of oil" sounds too generic to me: olive oil? corn oil? Quick search on Google and I learned it's extra-virgin olive oil bottle I need. And so I stared at it, thinking I've however done much stupider things and making a mental note to add olive oil to the grocery list for the week.