Sunday, 22 March 2015

How beautiful!

Forecast was calling for rain and indeed it was raining when I woke up this morning. In the time it took me to move from waking to getting up, I managed to read the Sunday post on Postsecret and to contemplate the possibility I might be hibernating right now at the beginning of spring, Outside it stopped raining but weather remained gloomy.
Around 3 I dragged myself out of the flat, as I was supposed to meet with Fabio in the center to go and visit the Gallerie d'Italia. I got on the red metro line, headset in the ear but no music playing and book in hand: since visiting the exhibition dedicated to Primo Levi in Palazzo Madama last week I've been re-reading all his books in my own chronological order, i.e. the order I read them.
So there I was, reading "Other People's Trades", when I heard a woman exclaim: "How beautiful!"

I had to look up from the book, curiosity sparkled: something beautiful on this cranky, dirty and filthy and quite smelly carriage of the Milan underground line?!? Where? Show me!

Turns out she was pointing at me, I was the "how beautiful" she was pointing to her husband. She told me it was beautiful to see me reading a real book and see me smiling.
When I got off the train, she wished me "happy reading" and smiled at me.

Now, that was a beautiful moment to me. 

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