Wednesday, 13 May 2015

king and werewolves

Some weeks ago I was wondering whether waiting for "Doctor Sleep" to be available at my library or buy the e-book, and here the deus ex machina otherwise known as my sister Adri comes along and lets me borrow her copy.

I've read almost all King's novels and short stories, first in Italian and then in English, but it seems it's not in my destiny to host his complete production on my new bookshelves: for many years I relied on my sister's books and then on the library. I lost some of the books during the movings of the past year, even though I'm 100% sure I left "The Stand" at my parents' place some time ago and now it's nowhere to be found (you don't know anything about it, right Blanche?).

"The Shining" is one of those books that I clearly remember reading for the first time and I also remember how if kept freaking me out big time each time I re-read it: not as scared out as when I had a cough attack on the tram while reading the pages in "The Stand" describing the flu pandemic symptoms, but still pretty scared.

As I did re-read it recently, the memory of it is still pretty fresh in my mind and I've felt ready to start the sequel.  How will this novel be? Will it disappoint me? Will I like it? Will I not?

Start reading the damn book and you will know it, no point in wasting time and space with dumb questions! Right.

So, on Tuesday morning, I wake up tired and a bit out of place (Mondays are tough) and head to work. My eyes hurt so much I'm almost ok to be one of those idiot that keep wearing sunglasses in the metro. But then I can't really see the words on the page, so I take the sunglasses off.
A song has just started playing in my commute playlist when words start to come into focus.
Everything freezes around me.

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand
One word, Warren.

Walkin' through the streets of Soho in the rain

Another word, Zevon.

The book opens with a dedication to Warren Zevon and I read it while listening to Warren Zevon (and probably looking a bit weird, because I feel the compulsion to "aaaahooo!" during the chorus).
Narration hasn't even started and I'm already spooked.
I think...
I hope...



  1. eh beh, scusa... mamma insiste sempre, porta via un po' di libri, porta via, io porto via ๐Ÿ˜ deve essere nei piani alti della biblioteca...

  2. beh, almeno mamma non ti ha messo a tradimento negli scatoloni dei capolavori come le monografie del gusto dedicate al peperone e alla carota... vuoi fare a cambio? :-D