Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sky and yarn over Berlin

Francesca and I were having a tea some months ago and started wondering about spending a weekend in Berlin for Berlin Knits. Why not, after all?
From there it was all downhill: once the workshop, the plane and the hostel were booked, we were ready to go.

And so last Friday we arrived in Berlin, where the sun and a little breeze were waiting for us.
We spent pretty much of the day out walking around town, and trust me, we did walk a lot.
We didn't manage to visit all the things we were probably thinking to see, but it's just an extra excuse (if we ever needed one) to go back.

Over the following days, we met our dorm mates, all knitters! Some of them even attended the Joji Locatelli workshop Francesca and I went to. It was a nice feeling for once not having to feel like the "odd" one in the group, not having to feel the stares of people wondering what the heck I'm doing with those knitting needles.

We did "some" shopping at the market place, where I met familiar faces from Italy and from last year Brighton Unwind, We behaved quite well, no matter the walls of shiny temptations in front of us: none of us had problem closing the suitcase at the end of the weekend, which is a sign we didn't buy that much (and that we left with almost empty suitcases, but let's not indulge in such irrelevant details).

I kept looking at the sky, thinking how beautiful it can be, even when the clouds are full of promises of cold rain. There's something fascinating in the city, the contrasts, the amount of green all around, the huge boulevards, the amount of graffiti all around.

Maybe I felt it a little bit more than usual, because once again I feel the pull of escaping, the routine of everyday and, above everything else, escaping Milan and the uneasiness I feel when I'm back here. I shushed that traitorous part of me that keeps repeating me that I'd just have to leave Milan (leave Italy?) to feel better, because I know it's just an illusion, yet I keep wishing the sky over Milan could be at least 1/10 as beautiful as the one over Berlin. And that yarn shops in Milan could be at least 1/100 as beautiful as the ones in Berlin, but I'm not sure which one of the requests is the most unattainable.

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