Tuesday, 26 May 2015

the beautiful anywhere

A boyfriend of mine once told me I couldn't expect me for other people to understand the world around them according only to my references I did to popular culture when talking: the "other people" were apparently normal and not borderline Asperger as I was.
I'm still not completely 100% sure whether I should have taken it as a compliment or not.

But he was right, at least partially. Sometime I get extremely upset, worried, amazed about people not reacting to some of my comments or sentence: not because I think I've written something remarkable, quite the contrary indeed. It's just that I refer to things I believe to be very popular so often that I expect everybody (yes, everybody, even you random reader) to immediately understand what I'm talking about.
And when other people fail in doing so, it's not my being cryptic I blame, but their lack of reaction I get mad at. I keep thinking about it and I've come to the conclusion that my concept of "popular culture" doesn't coincide entirely with other people's one. This doesn't mean I understand how it can possibly be, nor that I accept and resign myself to it. Quite the contrary: part of me still hopes that people will change for once not me... or there will be a reckoning!

I keep waiting and waiting and waiting. And eventually give up.
So here comes a shameful confession. Part of me kept hoping that somebody got the music reference to the title of my April post. I kept hoping to see a comment appear sooner or later, but nothing.
I thought it to be so obvious, but I was obviously mistaken.

Some weeks ago I went back to yet other bands I used to listen many years ago. I'm getting older, I was born old-fashion, dunno, but the idea of subjecting my ears to the pain of listening the poor collection of 1Dimension (I keep calling them like that, I find it more fitting somehow) and Ariana Grande, mixed with the laziness of adventuring and discovering something new, means that, for my own sanity,  I need to just retreat in known territory.

I was under a heavy dose of Housemartins and The Beautiful South when I wrote that post: I hoped somebody got the reference to the song "Rotterdam (or anywhere)"... So now you're fully aware of the level of idiocy I still manage to exceed when left to my own dangerous self.

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere
Liverpool or Rome
'cause Rotterdam is anywhere
Anywhere alone
Anywhere alone

Rotterdam really could be anywhere and you'd be anywhere alone. Because once you're alone, you can't be anything but that: if you are alone, you'll be so anywhere in the world,  because you are, in essence, your own loneliness. 
Yet this song has this nice relaxed upbeat tempo and such a strange lyrics that you can't help but smile: it's strange for such different feelings to fit so naturally well together, but the sweetness of the music just embrace the cynicism that permeates the lyrics.
There's so much more I wish I could say about this song and how I feel each time I listen to it, but I'm running into a wall each time I tried. That's why I hoped that somebody caught the reference: to know that people understood and felt my same way, without me trying to voice my feeling.

So at the end of all, perhaps, all I wanted to say is simply that the song is amazing despite having one of the weirdest music video ever.

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