Sunday, 7 June 2015

running out of space

Last Tuesday was National Holiday in Italy and this allowed me to postpone the fears, anxiety and sadness I’m normally subjected to on Sunday evening.
Did they disappear?
Nope, they were not so graciously shifted to Tuesday afternoon.
Oh whatever... never a joy, right?

Amongst this feeling I can probably filed under “I’m wasting my life” (And as your conscience I have to agree with you on this) there was another more practical, material feeling of uneasiness creeping through.

I had a massive clear out of my basement last month: I went from crammed up to the roof to a state of a couple of boxes and empty shelves in less than an afternoon of hard work. I donated lots of books, trashed the ones damaged beyond repair by humidity and came to the conclusion that yeah, space-wise I’m ok with expanding my book collection, because it turns out that, in the end, I don’t have that many books. Plus I got a kindle. And a library card.

Which means I can do a lot of reading without having to buy more paper books. 
Sorry to be bothersome, but...Which means that if I buy one or two books every now it’s not such a tragedy to find a place for them on the shelves.
As your conscience I should point out what a pile of shit you're just thinking and deluding yourself with...

And at some point in my reasoning here something went completely wrong: I didn’t take into account some important factors that could counter-balance my recent clean up. Because you see, I don’t read on the Kindle as much as I did at the beginning, giving I keep forgetting him at home. And I haven’t been to the library for ages, since I’m always away during the weekends and opening hours during the week fit people with a “normal” working life in a decent office. All things I haven’t got at the moment.

As a consequence I’m more often than not without anything new to read. I’ve been re-reading books even more than I normally do.
I’ve even borrowed books from my sister (when it’s normally the other way around). But obviously it’s not enough. That’s why, last weekend, barely 1 day in Torino, I found myself staring at a small tower of 6 books on my bedside table, wondering how it did happen. 
Duh, you simply went into 2 bookshops and came out with a stoned smile and a paper bag to hide your purchase, that’s what happened.
And then I realized that just the day before I had placed an order for 3 books on the web!
Not happy with that, after lunch at my parents, I started chatting about books with my mum.
Don't, just don't, because we both know what it's going to happen... 
She pointed that she still had some books of mine I should take back home and so I took them off the shelves and put them in a bag.

I didn’t take the bag home with me: it was too heavy. 
Before I even realized what I was saying, I heard my treacherous voice asking my mum if I could take home her comics books from the ‘70s: Beetle Bailey, B.C. and the Wizard of ID, Sturmtruppen, Charlie Brown…
I totally empathizes with Jiminy Cricket...

The chance of freeing up some space was too good for my mum to pass it up and before I was done I became the new owner of a collection of small pamphlets of basic knowledge published by the Italian Communist Party back in the days (total of 5, price 100 lire each, bought by correspondence) and some other political studies books.

So my mum drove by the following day with this huge heavy bag that filled a whole shelf of the white-it-can’t-be-named-maybe-they-should-have-called-it-Voldemort-Ikea bookcase. And what I did then??? I just bought another book! I can still layer a second line of books in front of the ones there are now and then stack them on top. And didn't Adri just added some extra levels only few months ago to her bookcase?! I could do just the same and fix the problem of lack of space! Easy!

Maybe it’s time to start investigating audiobooks…

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