Tuesday, 21 July 2015

cable fever

Every job brings some collateral effects, quirks and habits along.
Before the age of computers, my dad passed so many hours drawing at the drafting table, he naturally developed a big, thick and everlasting writer's bump.
I had it too, back in the school days, but now it's nothing but a shadow of what it used to be, but my dad's bump has survived even if gave up on the drafting table more than 20 years ago: years and years of holding a pencil made it a part of his body map, a small hill in a flat land.

My job brought me something altogether different: an irrational sense of dread fills me every time I travel, when I'm moving from one place to another. I'm afraid of getting where I have to go and find out I didn't bring with me the right amount of the right cables.
Charging cable and cable adapters, battery plugs, different international plug adapter. I work in an office loaded with cables, I got a shoe box in my flat filled with just cables. I scattered cables in my relatives houses as well, so that I don't have to carry them around. Yet, every time I pack my handbag or my travel backpack I make sure to fit some cables in them; and with some I mean: 3 iPhone lightning cables and 1 iPhone 30-pin cable, 1 mini-USB cable, the ethernet adapter and 2 plug. Not to mention 3 USB stick, 1 external hard drive and 1 power pack.

Why? Well, it's pretty obvious and simple: what if apocalypse strike and I found myself without cables?
Sure, if apocalypse truly comes knocking at our door, I'm pretty sure the chances of finding an electricity supply, internet connection or time to use them both are pretty small, but you better always be prepared.
As much as I tried to rationalize it, my good will is not strong enough: I start packing a couple of cable and a plug and then my mind looses control completely: the 50cm cable is very hand when I'm outside and have to connect the phone to the power pack, because this way it's easy to wrap them together without too much extra cable dangling around. So I pack the cable alongside the battery pack and then think that i could put a cable in the side pocket of the backpack: it's a very logical thing to do, this way I can reach for the cables quickly without having to rummage in the bag. But then why putting extra cable inside the bag? Cause you never know.

Which is probably the reason why, before leaving the office for the day, my colleague asked me if I had enough cables and plugs with me for the night. "You never know, right?!?"
It must be an occupational disease affecting the whole category.

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