Tuesday, 28 July 2015

this must be the (awful) place

"Enchanted" is one of those movie I don't mind watching again, even if only a brief clip when there's a rerun on TV.
I find it funny, charming and, despite the fairytale happy ending, very truthful.

It all goes back to this exchange between the 2 main characters:

Two lines and there you have it: a nice, neat, straight-to-the-point definition of what's around us in general and what I'm stuck deep in: what's this fucked up, shitty, awful and right now too hot and too packed with mosquitos place I'm in. 
It's called reality and alas it's not going anywhere. 

Anything else to add? Right now not that much, other that I got no clear means nor idea on how to improve my current living situation.
Oh, how I wish I could just crawl in bed, hide my head under the pillow and wake up in, say, one month to find out that life has sorted itself out on its own by magic.
Or what about the sudden appearance of some amazing technology that could just take me by hand and say: "There, that's what you got to do. This is the way forward, move along".

But nothing like this is going to happen, because this is not a movie but an awful place, in a even more awful city and I'm left to my own devices, trying to understand how to move from the quicksand I willingly placed myself into.
I'd like to find a way to start magically from scratch tomorrow morning, but alas this is Milan, Italy, where things move slowly normally and grinds to an halt in summer when "everybody" is on holiday.
Nothing left to do for this evening but setting volume the max and listen to some music.
I'll face the awful tomorrow morning.

And I'm hitching a ride out of this no good town...

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