Thursday, 13 August 2015

texting lyrics

I slept very little last week: it was too hot and there were too many mosquitos biting around. On top of it, Sunday night was even more sleepless. I had an early flight to catch, so I couldn't fall asleep as I was afraid of not hearing the alarm clock in the morning. To make the situation even better there had  been a thunderstorm too.
Not a simple one, but one hell of a massive thunderstorm: there was basically no time in between the moment the bolt appeared in the sky and the moment the thunder stroke as if the epicenter of all was the communal area of my building.

As a consequence of my sleep-deprived state I was even less of myself on Monday.
All in all it's not that bad: less moody, less sarcastic, people might even like me better this way. Ugh.

One funny side effect was the way I texted people.
Is "to text" still a valid verb, semantically speaking? I whatsapp/telegram/iMessage people, but text is something confined to my QA activities nowadays.
Anyway, some of my texts resembled random song lyrics.

Thunderstorm kept me awake the whole night
Took the plane at 7:30
I look like a zombie
Oops started a call out of the blue

To be honest, I am merely following a family tradition, that reached its apex in the '90s when my sister randomly picked up sentence and created that masterpiece titled "Credi nella sip?" (which corresponds roughly in "do you believe in British Telecom?")

Alas, waxing poetic is not something easy to do, so in order to keep up with the lyricism in my life I started to read a new book that promises to increase the level of sublime poetry in my life to never-reached-before peaks.

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