Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Be my weather

Be my weather
Blow through me like the wind
Wind in invisible shapes about my ribs
Rain on me
Be my winter
(Prayer Before A Voyage)

There’s always a moment, before setting out for a journey, where I’m tempted to call it off.

Why should I go? Home is so warm and comfy, why leaving it?"

It’s also the moment when people marvel I’m going to travel by myself. I’m still way too self-conscious for my own good and sometimes I struggle with people’s reaction. My brain, or at least a part of it, interrupts its normal activity and spins a tale of its own.

Why did she say that? What did he mean by it? Was that pity I read in between the lines? Yeah, it must have been so…"

Yet, the moment I feel so ready to chicken out is also the one I start feeling the pull towards going away: close the flat door behind me and never stop travelling. Move from one place to another, discover new towns, new faces, new food.

Tomorrow I’m off for yet another journey and I’ve already been through all the usual stages of panic and delight: suitcase packed, passport ready, I’m off for some days of music, Guinness and lots of walking and rain in Dublin.

As usual, I’m looking forward this trip: I will be able to escape Milan and everyday life for a while. As usual, an irrational part of me keeps thinking and believing that, while I put my life in a kind of nice and relaxed hiatus, problems will sort themselves out and a nice solution will be presented to me at my return. I can’t but daydream that while away from home, I’ll have a Eureka moment and know what to do from that point onwards. Yes! I will be back with a clear idea of how to fix everything, and I'll be fine and happy and won't get angry as easily as I do now.

This foolish belief simply keeps the door open for all kind of disappointments, I know; yet I can't stop myself: years pass by and, while I repeat to myself that it does no good to believe in it, a part of me sneaks in my thoughts and make me wish for it to come true.


  1. You're going to see Glen at Vicar Street! So envious! Have a fabulous time :-) Will see him in London in March (I'm playing the new album non-stop). Let me know if you're going.

  2. Colin! Both Colm and Glen gigs were awesome! Love it!
    Of course I'm coming over to the London concert: I think we should meet for a pint before the concert in March! See you there!

  3. Excellent! Sounds like you had a great time despite the trepidation.
    Here's wishing you a relaxing and stress free Christmas with your family.
    See you in March!